Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips on Taking Awesome Pet Photos

Its hard sometimes to capture your furry friends, especially when they want to place while you are trying to take pics of them or they just want to lick you constantly.  LOL!  My pups did this a lot when I first started taking pics of them, but now from some helpful tips that I read a long time ago I was able to get them to sit still long enough for me to take a good photo of them.  First tip - HAVE TONS OF TREATS CLOSE BY!

Here are some more helpful tips:
Like the photo above of Coco licking her lips, you can get this shot by sticking some peanut butter to the roof of your dog's mouth.  This way in the shot you can get him/her licking their lips!  :-)

I usually set my camera on continuous shooting, so that I can take a ton of photos one right after the other.  This way when you are going through the photos and you have duplicates, you can delete which ones you don't like and keep the ones that are fab.

To get their attention, I usually hold the squeaky plastic thing from the inside of toys above my head or right by the camera (that really gets them interested.  Don't know about your furbabies, but mine love to chew them up!)  If they get bored of the squeaker then I entice them with treats, by doing the same thing - holding it by the camera.

To make the photo less distracting, I really like using a white backdrop.  I love the clean cut of a white backdrop behind the pups.  For Dolce, since she is white, I use a black backdrop or some color drop, like pink, teal or green. 

The studio photos are amazing and I absolutely love they way they look, but I do have to say that my fav is shots of the pups in natural sunlight.  Shooting photos of the pups outside in the natural light, gives you so much more of their personality.  Action shots are awesome and so playful!  You can catch them doing some funny things. 

And last but not least, just keep those treats a coming.  I'm sure all your furbabies love treats.  I use CocoTherapy Coconut chips, Wellness Wellbites and some other goodies!
Smile Bru Dawg :-)


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