Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sam's Club Haul

OMG, I haven't been to a Sam's Club in ages.  So when I saw that we had one here in Wichita Falls - I had to go and sign up for a membership.  We went and got some goodies today!  EEKKK I love it there.  We found some great things to buy for the furbabies, first we got a temper pedic bed for Bruno.  He is always crying to get up on the couch with us and there is really no space.  Bru absolutely loves the bed.  He hasn't left it since we got home.  It was $22 and is nice and soft. 

Dolce took advantage of it first. 

Next buy, we found these amazing buckets.  You get 2 for $5 bucks.  They are a good size and come in pink, green, teal and navy blue.  I ended up buying green and teal.  The green ones I am using for the pups toys and the teal ones I am using for laundry!  They are the perfect size.  
I didn't think that the pup's toys would take up two of them, but they did.  GEEZ!  Spoiled little butts!  LOL!
And I love that my laundry fits in them so perfect!


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