Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is your dog Juicy?

What's dark pink w/navy trim and logo embroidery and absolutely essential for all fur friends on these hot summer days?  For sure, it is the Juicy Couture Travel Water Bowl Clutch!!!  Your human will be very chic carrying this smartly styled travel bowl and you will be able to have a cool drink wherever you happen to be!  The clutch has a lobster clip with logo charm that easily hooks onto your human's purse, backpack or belt loop.  The hinged-frame top with kiss-lock closure opens up to form the base of the bowl and the waterproof lining keeps liquids from running out.  Made of cotton with a polyester lining, it is a totally essential item for any haute couture fur diva or gent!  
You can get good prices on Juicy product at Posh Puppy Boutique


Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Yes! I'mma Juicy dog! I just posted pics on my FB, and you saw them already, lol!

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