Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Changing the image of rescue, one animal at a time!

That is The Pixie Projects awesome slogan!  The Pixie Project is a local doggie daycare who not only provides daycare services, but they find homes for shelter dogs and cats as well!  Pixie Project were featured on the Today Show.  I unfortunately wasn't able to get the code for that video, but I was able to find another video to share with you about The Pixie Project.

Amy Sacks and Karli Covington, the founders of The Pixie Project are committed to changing the image of a "rescue" or shelter animal.  While some animals come to the Pixie Project seeking medical or behavioral attention not accessible in a typical shelter, many Pixie Project "kids" are professionally trained, family friendly pets whose circumstances have left them in a need of a new home.

With a fully stocked non-profit pet supple store and a knowledgeable and supportive staff trained in the art of "pet matchmaking" adopting a pet through the Pixie Project feels more like a personalized dating service than your mom's blind date setup.

The Pixie Project also serves a unique support function working tirelessly to connect pet owners with the resources they need to keep their pets with them.  No situation is too big or too hard.  "Nothing is impossible" is their motto.

With over 1000 successful adoptions, an inexhaustible staff armed with expert animal knowledge, a whole lot of humor and an ever-changing cast of fantastic animals, The Pixie Project gives animal rescue a fresh and flirty facelift.

They are located at 510 NE MLK Blvd, Portland OR directly across from the southern end of the Oregon convention center, in a spacious renovated building with adjacent parking.  While our adoptable dogs are playing in daycare or enjoying a walk on the waterfront with one of our many dedicated volunteers, our cats are playing and lounging in their sun filled, communal cattery which is open to the public during all operating hours.  All of the animals in the Pixie Project adoption program are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and temperament tested to assure that they are good candidates for adoption.


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