Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Product Review - Paws Aboard Life Jacket from Doggie Couture Shop

Just like we humans, many dogs love to swim; however, not all dogs know how to swim.   Some dogs are natural swimmers that love the water; some make do if all factors seem well; while other dogs are just terrified of the water.  If your dog is a good swimmer, he/she may lose their edge as they get older, or if they have gained weight.  Many larger breed dogs who develop hip or joint problems could end up having a tougher time in the water.  And, if your dog has low body fat, they can have a hard time staying afloat.   Most of all, a sudden fall into the water can cause fear and anxiety for any pet, making it hard for him to know what to do.  To ensure the safety of your dog around the water, your best bet is to have them wear a Paws Aboard life jacket made for canines.  
To pick a jacket, several factors must be considered.  First, what are the water conditions – moving fast, tall waves, rocks, wildlife along the shore, docks where people might cause the dog excitement, boaters, large wakes?   Or maybe you are just going to be around the pool?  Consider all these things when making your choice of a pet life jacket – protect your dog just as you would your child.  Dog life jackets will keep your pet afloat until you or someone else can get to him/her.  This is critical to avoid drowning.  
Some basic, common sense guidelines are to never leave your pet unattended while wearing a life jacket.  Life jackets can become hot in direct sunlight, especially if your pet is not in the water; so keep an eye on them to avoid overheating.  Most important is choosing a correct size life jacket for your pet – Pets weighing less than 18 lbs and 15-19 inches long will probably need an Extra Small; 15-25 lbs and 19-24 inches long, Small; 20-50 lbs and 22-29 inches long, Medium; 40-70 lbs and 26-35 inches long, Large; more than 70 lbs and 31-42 inches long, Extra Large.  
Choose one perfect for your pet’s weight and length, take time to learn how to correctly put the life jacket on your pet, and enjoy the water this summer!  Paws Aboard life jackets come in a variety of colors - Pink polka dot, Blue polka dot, Camo, Nautical and Yellow.  You can get your Paws Aboard life jacket at Doggie Couture Shop!


Sallie said...

I love these photos! I hope you will come to our Hawaii party. We are having a doggie pool party and Luau. :) Hope to see you there!

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

OMG that would be so much fun! Do we live close to you?

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