Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Must-Have Vacation Pet Gear Product List

The “dog days” of summer have arrived, luring pet and owners outside with sunny days and long, cool evenings.
From backyard barbeques to vacation travels, pets relish summer fun. So make sure you have all the gadgets to keep your pet bounding through any exciting outdoor adventure.
From water toys to traveling totes, here is our checklist of products to help owners enjoy the summer while keeping their pets safe and happy:
More than just a life vest: Many dogs love water, but to ensure they stay safe, Kurgo now offers the Surf n’ Turf Coat. This flotation device is a two-in-one life vest that includes an interchangeable flotation layer and liner to keep pups warm when the sun goes down.
Sun blocker: Certain dog breeds are particularly susceptible to getting sunburn and developing sun-related skin cancers. Made with aloe vera and titanium dioxide, Vet’s Best natural Sun Relief Spray protects and soothes dogs’ skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It also helps relieve discomfort and itching after overexposure to the sun.
Better than the Ice Cream Man: Pet owners keep cool in the summer with ice cream and popsicles — and now dogs can also enjoy a frozen snack. Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats Smoothies for dogs are all natural, low calorie frozen treats that are dairy and gluten-free. They are available in two flavors, Original Fruit Delight with a “Hint of Mint” and new Peanut Butter.
Like a sun shower: When the weather is warm, cool down and clean up your pet during bath time. The Doggiewasher! is a grooming tool that makes dog washing easy and enjoyable for pets. The tool attaches to any garden hose and has four powerful water streams to massage and penetrate through dogs’ fur to the skin to remove dirt and excess hair.
No more water-logged toys: Summer activities often revolve around water, so both owner and dogs will love the floating Hurley dog toy. Made from extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind Zogoflex material, this versatile chew toy gives dogs hours of fun in the waves and on the shore, and is designed to stand up to even the roughest dog.
The ultimate 'front porch': Cats enjoy lounging in the sun, but they also need a place to escape from the heat. The KatKabin from Brinsea provides cats with a safe and comfortable shelter from the elements. Developed especially for the outdoors, this sturdy cat house offers a cool and shaded place to rest.
Rubber dog boots: Hot pavement, sand, and fire ants can all injure a dog’s paws and ruin a walk. Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots are disposable and reusable waterproof boots that still allow dogs full range of motion and maximum comfort. Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps and are available in seven bright summer colors.
Cooling bandana: Just like their owners, pets can become overheated if they are exerting themselves during outdoor activities. Pups can keep cool for several hours while looking stylish in the Designer Cool It Cooling Bandana. The Bandanna is made with non-toxic polymer crystals, edged with reflective tape for visibility and is reusable and hand washable.
Doggie diaper bag: What's summer without a few trips? Whether cross-country or for a day outing, pet parents can now tote their pup’s gear in style. The Pet JetSetter is the original doggie diaper bag, large enough for every dog’s necessities with six labeled pockets to keep everything neat and organized. Choose from four fun colors and customize the gift by adding your dog’s name on the bag.
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