Monday, June 21, 2010

1st day of Summer - WOOHOO!

Puppy Popsicles:
If you have an ice cube tray you can make puppy Popsicles.

Boil up some chicken or beef bouillon in a pot. Make certain it is plain bouillon and does not contain any spices or additives. Generally one cube per cup of water will keep the mixture at a premium flavor. Once boiled, allow to cool for a couple hours. 

Pour cooled liquid into an ice cube tray and freeze it for upwards of 5 hours.

Give your dog the flavored cubes outside. This will prevent any messes, giving you more housework. Some dogs like to bat their cubes around as they lick them. Others will make short work of them.

Crunchy Puppy Popsicles:Basically the same recipe as above, but add some kibble to the mixture before freezing. If you don't want your dog to immediately remove the kibble, Freeze the liquid for an hour, then add some kibble and add a bit more an hour later.

You can also add small treats to the mix, such as freeze dried liver, cut up biscuits or pieces of plain cereal, such as Cheerios.

Fruity and Veggie Puppy Popsicles:

Here's where you can get real inventive. Many dogs love fruit and vegetables. Many people love fruit in their ice cream, too. Otherwise Banana Splits would not be popular. Cut up some banana, apples, oranges or peaches and add the pieces to the bouillon mixture as it freezes. You can do something similar with vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots or sweet potatoes.

Big Block Ice Cube:This will require lots of open freezer space, but will be well worth the effort as it will occupy your dog for a very long time.

Take a small plastic bucket that will hold approximately a half gallon of liquid. You can also use an empty half gallon milk jug, but the bucket is better because it will allow you to add interesting 'artifacts" to the big ice block. 

Pour a bit of your dog's kibble along the bottom of the bucket or jug. Pour in the bouillon liquid. Allow it to freeze for an hour. Place a few toys inside, such as a tennis ball, a Kong that is filled with peanut butter or other treats, a Bully Stick or a dental chew. Allow this mixture to remain in the freezer for at least 5 hours.

Take your dog outside and turn over the bucket, tapping the bottom until the big block comes out. If you used a plastic milk jug there is the possibility that you may have to cut the jug to remove the ice block.

Your dog will not only be busy plying off the kibble and other easy to get crunchies, but once he removes the food stuffed toys he has another great occupation. This frozen treat can give your pup hours of fun.

Dogzilla Ice treats:Petmate has created a line of great dog toys that incorporate years of research into what stimulates and entices dogs into play.activities. Several of their toys involve a combination of sturdy protein infused rubber with an ice mold attached. One is shaped like a Popsicle and the other like a dumbbell. Regardless of the shape you can easily fill the water trays with plain water or the bouillon mixture, along with some other goodies and freeze it. Not only will your dog enjoy consuming the frozen treat, but also have a toy to play with afterwords.

With all these easy options your dog is sure to have fun and you are sure to have some peace this summer. It only takes a couple minutes to prepare for hours of doggie enjoyment.


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