Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun day with Kelli & the girls

Catching up Saturday, Josh, Coco Chanel, Candie (we were fur babysitting this weekend) and I visited Kelli (Owner/Designer of Cody and Company).  It was a lot of fun .... she is a fabulous designer and I just love the clothes she makes.  

I couldn't stop awwwwwing over Kelli's amazing setup for her sewing room!  It was absolutely fantastic.  She even had a dog wash room.  My dream house for sure!  I told her that when all the kids move out and Josh leaves for basic training that I would come live with her and her family!  LOL!  I adopted her younger daughter Hannah to be my little sister too! :-) We did a lot of chatting and laughing.  It was an awesome visit!

Kelli's babies, Stormie, Shimmer and Breezy, had such fun showing off their digs to Coco and Candie .... Kelli's daughter-in-law, P.J., fell in love with Candie so much.  I got to bring home some awesome goodies from Kel and the girls - I got this fantastic dog house, that the pups absolutely love, HK harness dresses, and I got some belly bands for my best friend Rebecca! 

We totally enjoyed our visit and hope to be able to see them again real soon.  

Breezy and Stormie
Candie, Breezy, Shimmer
Candie and Stormie
Shimmer and Stormie
Love this
This is part of the dog wash room
Kel in her amazing sewing room!
The girls dresses!

Coco playing with their kitty!
Armani checking out the house
Coco & Armani checking out the house
Lily loves the house too
Dolce & Coco in their new harness dresses


Sagira said...

Adorable! Love all the little clothes.

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