Friday, May 21, 2010

Doggie Couture Shop Presents Pet Head Temporary Hair Dye

Having a bad hair day or want a quick pick me up ..... grab a tube of Color Me Bad Temporary Hair Gel .... punkify and don't worry about staining or having to commit to this color for the rest of your dog life!  Just have your human put a bit on their fingertips and apply to your coat.  You can spike, tip, add a streak or splash a bit of color about in several spots.  Now, don't just go gung ho all at first, have your human test the color on lighter fur and always avoid your eye area.  I just love my new temporary look and I'm certain all the guys will too!  You can get your Pet Head Color Me Bad Temporary hair gel at Doggie Couture Shop!  Have fun shopping! Muah! Dolce   


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