Thursday, April 1, 2010

Product Review - Pure Country Pet Boutique

Purple is said to show royalty or nobility and your fav fur babies will look absolutely regal in these fashions!  Coco is sporting your basic 'relax in the moment' tog while Dolce puts it  right out there with her 'Hot Stuff' attire. 
No girl is fully dressed without her hair fashion!  Here, Dolce shows she is the definite Dive ready for a night on the town, casual shopping, or a spring picnic with bows keeping her hair in tow!
For all her adoring fans, Coco is letting them know that today is not a good day with her 'I Bite' tog ... nothing like putting your emotions right out there!  Fair warning for a not so great day or just to keep your clamoring fans from getting too close!  (Although she is as nice as can be and wouldn't ever bite anyone!  She has to act tough! LOL!)

Showing support for our troops, Dolce camps it up in her camo harness dress!  
You can find all these wonderful items at


Twinkietinydog said...

A rather fashionable post. I must say even I might wear the top outfit. It looks rather soft and not so restricting. I'm always looking for clothing ideas since I can't stand most outfits and I fall flat on the ground and refuse to move when they dress me.

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

Its very comfortable Twink. Coco walked around fine it and she loved the warmth of it. They have very affordable prices too!

Sagira said...

Look at all the beautiful models. Such cute stuff.

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

Thank you Sagira! They have adorable things at their store.

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