Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pick Up an ITo Bracelet, Help Animals in Haiti

Wondering how you can contribute to animal relief efforts in Haiti?  For those who missed the Twitter pawpawty and haven't yet hooked up with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, check out the new Haiti Animal Aid bracelets from ITo

The company took off several years ago with trendy bracelets that read "I'm Tired of..." and raised money for causes like breast cancer, animal cruelty, diabetes, puppy mills and more.  One hundred percent of the profits from the new Haiti Animal Aid bracelets will go directly to the Best Friends Animal Society to help provide shelter, vaccines, food and medical care to the animals that are suffering due to the recent earthquake.

Made from recycled tires and a recycled metal bead, the bracelets come in two sizes and sell for just $10.  It's an easy way to make a statement and a difference. 


BRUTUS said...

How cool - I'm off to check them out!!

Michelle & Brutus

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

Aren't they cool? And for such an amazing cause!

Twinkietinydog said...

Love this! Thank you thank you. I'm running out of charities and options re: Haiti. This is new to me. I love that it's out of recycled material too. I'm a big advocate for our environment too.

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

isn't it just great Twink? They are amazing!

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