Monday, November 23, 2009

Wrapping paper made for your pets

Just in at Posh Puppy Boutique, they have soy based, non toxic, no tape gift wrapping paper for your pets!  No you can let your pet tear open their own presents without no worries!  How much fun will that be for them! 
Pet Party PrintzTM is fun for a pet and their owner!  Soon you won’t even think about wrapping a gift for your pet unless you know it’s “Pet Party Printz”, the safest way to let your pet celebrate together with you.  They have tons of festive designs to choose from everyday designs, to birthday and holiday designs!
DH2 International’s innovative and exclusive Rip’n’StickTM adhesive edge technology is revolutionizing the process of gift wrapping. By utilizing an edge of the wrapping paper itself as a removable adhesive device, we’ve eliminated the need for purchasing a separate roll of expensive tape that inevitably resides in your desk drawer, and eventually, a landfill. The perfect amount of adhesive comes inherently with the paper (and yes, it matches the print too)!For gift giving to pets, the Rip’n’StickTM adhesive edge is a critical component of ensuring the pet friendly nature of Pet Party PrintzTM wrapping paper by eliminating the potentially dangerous tape


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