Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jantzen Beach Pet Spooktacular

We had so much fun this morning, we took Coco & Dolce to Jantzen Beach Pet Spooktacular.  We dressed Coco up in her Ada Nieves harajuku halloween dress and unfortunately I didn't have anything for Dolce to wear yet, except for her halloween bow!  I was so excited though when I got Dolce's matching harajuku dress in the mail today, so both Coco & Dolce will be wearing their Ada dresses tomorrow to the Portland Mini Meetup

Such a wonderful event, they had bone building contests, costume contest, and vendors to check out.  The best part is when Coco & Dolce got to hang out with Rojo the Therapy Llama.  He was amazing and had the cutest outfit on.  Coco absolutely loved him and Dolce just barked at him like he was attacking her or something!  He was so cute!!!
I really wish I could have brought all the pups.  I think I have finally decided to get a stroller for all of the little ones so I can take them all.  Bruno would have had fun too!  Thanks for reading today.  Hope you enjoy the photos!!
Rojo the Llama - you can find him on facebook
Coco & Rojo bonding!
Pirate Dog
Chef & his egg and bacon
Pirate & Batdoggy
Little Lobster :-)
Dog Vader - he was so cute
Dolce & Coco hanging out @ Spot Magazine booth


amy jane said...

looks like it was a great event
loved the lama

psychozoe said...

oh gosh that is so cute Coco bonding wif da camel!

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

I really thought Coco was going to snap at Rojo, but she was nice to him and just sniffed like crazy!

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