Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Photo Contest Winners

Hip hip hooray!  I would first like to say thank you to all who participated in this years Halloween Photo contest and would like for you to join in the fun again for Christmas time, which will be hosted by Posh Puppy Boutique!

This years Halloween Photo contest was hosted by Christine Monroe Sculptures and our winner picker was Valentina from Little Paris Noel.  Christine is making the cutest mini sculptures for the winners and is offering a discount for all participants on her sculptures.
It was really hard to choose winners that at the last minute we decided to throw in a 4th winner.  YEAHHHH!  So here is what you all have been waiting for - (drum roll please!) the lucky winners are

Brygida Trzaska -Lil' Miss Artist'e
Angela Moore Wiggins - Silver Knight riding Loren the Min-Pin
Juliana Hart Alexander - Rizzo "The Love Bus" 
Ashley Davis - Lane as Little Red Riding Hood 
 All who participated please send me an email so I may send you exciting news from Christine Monroe!  I tried sending emails out to only the participants of the contest, but now I am blocked from sending msgs because I sent to many out!  LOL!  My email is


Sagira said...

Adorable! Congrats winners. :)

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