Thursday, June 3, 2010

K-9 Claw

Wow check out this product.  K-9 Claw - retractable leash, retractable pooper scooper, built-in bag storage, LED flashlight, cuffed arm rest, reflective logo in one!  The retractable leash allows your dog to roam around up 10 feet and the retractable pooper scooper is a claw that extends out to 3 feet while holding its biodegradable bag in place with the help of a tension on a spring.  The claws action makes it effortless to scoop up your pet's waste and safely dispose of it.  All WITH NO BENDING!

The built-in storage holds 20 bags.  The storage cylinder swivels into 2 different positions giving easy access to the biodegradable bags.  Take a bag out and attach it to the Claw.  It's that simple!

LED flashlight gives you one-touch-button access to a very bright LED flashlight.   Perfect for evening and nighttime walks.

Cuffed arm rest not only gives comfort and support to the arm, but it also acts as a counterbalance, reducing stress, fatigue and soreness in the back, shoulders, elbows, arms and wrist.  The K9Claw is user-friendly for ALL ages!


Sagira said...

Anything that thing doesn't have on it? WOW!

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

I know right? Its pretty cool!

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