Monday, April 5, 2010

Petrol Fuel for dogs

Sunshine fills the sky as you and your fav furbaby go out for a walk in the park!  Your walk turns into a run and both of you are totally wiped out at the end of the playtime!  Well, now you can replenish your pet’s hydration with a fuel drink similar to those used by yourself --- PETROL, a delicious dog treat beverage with vitamins and 100% natural flavorings.  Introduced at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando FL, this vet-formulated drink is nutritious and refreshing and your dog is going to love it.    It is low calorie, preservative-free with no meat or meat by-products, has B-complex vitamins for overall health and metabolic function, biotin and niacin for healthy skin and coat, and L-Camitine for weight control and lean muscle.  The attractive packaging is 100% recyclable and MADE IN THE USA!!!   So the next time you go out to play, be sure to pack along PETROL and your dog will lap, lap, lap it up!!!!


Sagira said...

I always enjoy reading about new products. I had to laugh when we won a gift bag that had dog beer in it. The things they will come up with. :)

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

Sagira- I think you might like this. My pups absolutely love it. It amazes me everyday on the things they come up with for pups! LOVE IT THOUGH!

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