Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Recipe: Snickerpoodle biscuits

1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup honey
2 eggs
3 3/4 cups white flour
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup cornmeal
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Mix vegetable oil, shortening, honey with eggs.  Beat well.  Add flour, baking soda, cream of tartar.  Knead dough until mixed well.  Shape dough by rounded teaspoons into balls.  Mix the cornmeal and cinnamon together in a bowl and roll balls in mixture.  Place 2 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet.  Press the balls down with a fork.  Bake for 8-10 mins at 400 degrees.  Cool on a rack.  Store in airtight container.  

Hope your best friend enjoys this tasty treat!


Twinkietinydog said...

These are also very pretty, yummy! Thanks BSDB :)

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

Thank you Twink! They are super delicious!

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