Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disney, Apolo, and Expo

Although we arrived in a torrential downpour the Gods were with us and the sun came out early and bright on Monday for our trip to Cocoa & Vero beach.  Caught some amazing water shots at Patrick AFB and then renewed old friendship with Kathy, who we knew in both Korea and Germany.   Spent the remainder of the evening with Edward , Bella, and Jake from New Moon – definitely better than the first one.
Today we were off to Disney’s Animal Kingdom where we took a safari through Africa, hiked the terrain of India, and totally amazed by the tree of life!  The animals were magnificent, as you can see in my photos below.   An absolute must see is Finding Nemo the musical and Festival of the Lion King!   Relaxed in the condo enjoying the Blind Side
Spent time at the pool today while waiting to meet Rebecca (Becky's Auto) and Melissa (Two Palm Beach Pups Blog).  The ladies finally arrived and I was finally glad to make the “face to face” connection after talking for so long on FB.  Missed connection with Nikki & Jay (Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder), but planned to meet them tomorrow.  Dinner at Houlihan’s ended the evening. 

Very excited this morning as we are off to the Global Pet Expo.  Having attended SuperZoo in Las Vegas, I knew what to expect – “NOT!” there were so many vendors here, it was so overwhelming.  Maggie (Luv My Furbabies) & Carol joined our group today. We mapped out a strategy, how to see the most, network  and grab up those fresh new products for our fur babies.  Logged over 10,000 steps and managed to make it back to the condo with tons of freebies and reusable bags (perfect for groceries).  Tonight we at Kobe Japanese Steak House with Nikki & Jay, if you have never been to a Teppan, you really need to go because watching your food be cooked has never been so enjoyable.  So off to the airport we go to pick up Des (Designer/Owner of Toni Mari) and …………  are my eyes deceiving me “NO!” it’s Apolo Ohno (Olympic Gold medalist in speed skating) – lucky Des he was on her flight, luckier me he waved while I was video taping him.
Apolo Ohno
We met the most awesome person ever at the Expo - Melinda (Owner of PupCakes2Go).  This is the most amazing product.  PupCakes2Go - the mix comes in the box, you just add water and peanut butter, pour the mix into the reusable bone shaped pan, pop it in the microwave cook for 3 mins and then you have the most amazing treats!  (Product review to come later and some news!)
All the goodies we got!
I got to see one of my favorite vendors - Nootie!  If you haven't checked out their product yet, you totally should.  Their shampoo is fabulous!  You can find a previous post here!

Didn’t get enough yesterday, so today we are back to the Expo and now we know we really have problems for the flight home.  Today we had the pleasure of meeting Kiki Hamann , Alex (Kiki Hamann Canine Couture) and her adorable little babies.  Too many good things and too many bags – guess we’ll have to buy a new suitcase.  Tonight we enjoyed the “entertainment” at T-Rex CafĂ© with my in laws – Tiffany, Matt, Brittany, Heather and new friends Rebecca, David, & Melissa. 

Unfortunately it’s back to reality and work on Monday.  All together it was a fabulous week  making memories with new friends & my mom.   More product reviews to come with all the new product we got!  Enjoy! 


Twinkietinydog said...

What a trip! You may need two new suitcases :) You're very fortunate to meet your friends in person. I'm looking forward to that myself someday.

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

OMG Twink - we did have to get a new suitcase! It was so much fun! Hope you had an awesome week.

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