Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gifts for Pet Lovers: A Valentine's Day Guide

For many pet owners, nothing says " devotion" like the unconditional love they receive from their four-legged companions.  In fact, according to a recent join poll by Reuters/Ipsos, one fifth of adults around the world would prefer spending Valentine's Day with their pet rather than their spouse!  So in celebration of Cupid's holiday this year, go beyond the usual chocolates and roses for the pet lover in your life and consider these unique gifts instead.

Canine Wine.  Immortalizing your pet with his own vintage label has never been easier.  On the website, you can upload a photo of your dog to create a custom wine bottle label that features your precious pooch's face along with his name and hometown.  The result, "Real Dogs" wine, is produced in California's Santa Barbara County and comes in several varieties of red and white wine.  The site also features customizable dog treats and "Real Cats" feline wine, also available with personalized labels.  As an added bonus, A Dog's Life produces a "Rescue Dog Label" series, with a portion of proceeds going to rescue groups and shelters. 

Red Velvet Pupcakes.  Treat your sweetie to bone-shaped mini-cakes with this line of muffin and cake pans from the manufacturer Pawshop.  Available in a variety of sizes, the durable, non-stick, "vet-approved" bakeware products can turn out unique goodies - even "bow"nies - for Valentine's Day or for themed parties all year long.  You can even fine-tune your own pet-friendly recipe when your dog or cat's next birthday rolls around!

Fine Art Felines.  The beautiful book "Catnip: Artful Felines from the Metropolitan Museum of Art" assembles charming images of cats throughout fine art, paired with quotes and quips capturing the fun of owning a cat.  Along with its companion work for canine devotees, "The Artful Dog," these collections make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for any pet lover, featuring works as varied as ancient Egyptian statues and Japanese painting.

Sealed With a Kiss.  Custom postage with your pet's photo can provide the ideal finishing touch to any love note.  With a few clicks at, you can upload your pet's pic and create sheets of real postage stamps for a surcharge over the stamp's value.  Whether adorning a Valentine's Day card or the electric bill, your pet's mug will make any envelope brighter. 
My babies postage!
And if you're still searching for something special to give the pet lover in your life on Valentine's Day, you can always throw in free dog walking or cat sitting -- because returning a pet's devotion brings the best gifts of all. 
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Twinkietinydog said...

Love all those ideas! I have my own stamps and everybody laughs when they get mail from me.

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

I think I am going to get some stamps with my furbabies on them! They look really cute.

Sallie said...

Dawn ordered stamps of me from Zazzle!

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

I love Zazzle! They have the best stuff on there.

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