Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashionable Pooches Consignment

I don't know about you, but I think my dogs have just as much or more clothing than I do!  My friend Darcie has come up with this amazing idea - Fashionable Pooches Consignment.  This is a place where all fashionable pups out there who either have too much in their closet or not enough can sell or buy gently used dog apparel and accessories!
Upload as many pictures as you like of your item in this group. You can use the stock photos of the item, but please include at least 1 picture of the actual item you are selling so prospective buyers can see the condition of the item.

You must include the following in your listings:
1) general description of the item
2) price
3) shipping method and pricing
4) payment method (i.e. PayPal, check)
5) condition of the item (NWT - new with tags, gently used, etc.)
6) sizing - try to size as best you can, but it could be helpful to include a link to the company's sizing guideline

The following are optional to include in your listing, but can be helpful to buyers.
1) original price
2) why you are selling the item
3) link to where a new item it is being sold online (someone may like it, but need a different size so it would be nice to let them know where they can buy it.)
Once an item is old please mark all the pictures in your listing as SOLD.

1) contact the seller by sending them a message
2) please pay within 24 hrs.; if the item is not paid for within 24 hrs. the seller can then sell it to the next buyer who is wanting to buy the item

This group is here to provide a free portal to sell and buy godies to spoil our dogs. We are doing this on an honor system, but if you have any problems with misrepresented items or anything please contact the admin so we can try and work things out.

If you have any suggestions please contact the admin of this group.

Happy selling and buying!
I think this an amazing idea for all those people out there who pamper their pups as much as I do!  I have a lot of stuff that the pups don't even wear anymore.  You will be seeing my items on there!  Come and check it out!


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