Thursday, December 17, 2009

Salt can hurt the paws of dogs & cats

If you don't know this, then its good to know now.  The salt that you put down to melt ice - it can hurt your dogs or cats paws. Even though the pad on your pet's feet seem fairly tough, salt is still very irritating to them.  In addition, some pets may ingest the ice melt as they lick their paws, or may eat it directly off of the ground.  In small amounts this could result in drooling and diarrhea.  If large amounts are ingested, the pet may show excessive thirst, weakness or fainting due to low blood pressure, decreased muscle function and in severe cases, seizures, coma and even death. 

If you know your pet has been in a heavily-salted area, take a moist towel and clean off the salt.  If your pet has very sensitive feet, you may want to consider providing boots for your pet.  They come in various styles and sizes.  Be sure to measure your pet's foot so you know what size will be best.  
On your own walkways and driveways, use a salt-free ice melter.  These products, such as Safe Paw, contain nontoxic granules, which will not burn or injure your pet's paws like ice melters that contain salt do. 


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