Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Games

Nina Ottoson has developed these amazing interactive games that provide a fun way for your dog to exercise their mind and earn a treat while doing it.  To start off, place your dog's favorite snack in each compartment, keeping the covers open so your dog gets a whiff and becomes intrigued.  Once your dog seems comfortable taking food out of the Brick, up the ante by sliding the compartments halfway closed.  Your dog will then be interested enough to work the lids open to get at the grub.  Gradually increase the difficulty until all the compartments are closed - concealing all of the treats.

Make sure to always supervise your dog since the pieces seem small enough for larger dogs to swallow.  Also, it's a good idea to wipe down the game after each use - the slobber factor can be quite high.

Dog Casino - wood

DogSpinny - Plastic
My friend Stella let me use this video of her dog Chico playing with the Nina Ottosson's Magictoy! Enjoy! Thank you Stella for letting me use this!
You can find Nina Ottosson's interactive games at The Haute Hound and you can even receive 15% OFF, this month only. When you are ready to check out enter in "barksniff" coupon code for 15% OFF your purchase. Enjoy!


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