Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pampering with Isle of Dogs

So the other day after we went to the Halloween event at Jantzen Beach we brought the pups home and let them play outside.  Wow, they were going crazy like we have never let them outside to play.  It was so cute.  They were chasing each other in circle - playing dog tag.  It was hilarious to watch!  

After all the fun here came the fun part, trying to get the pups back into the house!  LOL!  We ran all over the back yard trying to get them.....ugh, dogs!!  We need to get a border collie to round the dogs up! :-)     
Dolce was a mess, soaking wet from the paws up to her tummy.  I had remembered that the previous day I had received some samples from Isle of Dogs: Complete Canine Grooming, so I decided to try those out.  I have to say I am impressed, I love the feeling of Dolce's coat and I love how white and shinny it is and she smells amazing.  I used the NaturaLuxury Gloss Shampoo and then I followed with the NaturaLuxury Nutrient Masque Conditioner.
Here is a before and after shot of Dolce!  Hope you enjoyed!


psychozoe said...

awww before bath and after! So purrty! So clean! I can even smell how clean you are! hehehe

We gots a border collie.. we'll send her ovah next time to round them all up lol

Melissa Trajano-Williams said...

I will definitely take you up on that!

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