Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ever wonder what the difference between a apple head chihuahua & a deer head chihuahua?

We all have heard the terms apply head vs. deer head when it comes to describing characteristics of the chihuahua breed, but what exactly makes an apple head chihuahua different from a deer head chihuahua?

The term apple head is used to describe any chihuahua with a round or 'dome-like' head similar to the shape of an apple.  The upper part of the chihuahua's skull is wider than the lower part in the jaw area.

If you look close at the top of the skull of most chihuahuas, you will notice that it is slightly sunken in just like the top of an apple.  This area is called molera, a spanish word for 'fontanel', or any membranous gap between the bones of the cranium in an infant or fetus and it is similar to the 'soft spot' that human babies have on their heads upon birth.   According to chihuahua breed standards, the term apple head is required in the description of the 'head' of a chihuahua that includes an apple domed skull with either the presence or absence of molera.  It is also used when referencing chihuahua puppies at an age where it is noticeable.

The term deer head is used to describe any chihuahua that does not have the characteristic apple shaped head.  Deer head chihuahuas tend to have a longer nose and a head shape similar to that of a miniature young deer.  They also tend to have less chihuahua health problems.


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