Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doodlebug Duds Doodlebuggy

Doodlebug Duds is a home-based business that started out of the love for their pets and the need for quality, locally made products. They will personally make each product for you.
Doodlebug Duds has saved my life for when Josh and I go out around the town. They make this amazing carrier that is called the Doodlebuggy "travel in style and comfort." The Doodlebuggy carries up to 20lbs., velcro closure, fully adjustable to fit you and your pet and has support for the entire length of your pet.
I absolutely love this carrier. They are custom made, so you can choose from different colors and styles of fabric. They made me a double carrier, so that I would be able to carry both Armani and Coco at the same time. Works amazingly!!!!
Not only do they make the Doodlebuggy, but you can also find collars, leashes, beds, and tons of different toys at their site. You can find them on Etsy!  


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